Sunday Thoughts

It is Palm Sunday, Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, paving the way for the holiest of weeks. But what do you do when Holy Week is inconveniently timed? Where does Holy Week fit in when you’re working, studying for an exam, scheduled for important meetings or appointments?

Friend, it is okay. Christ’s love for you does not change whether you have taken an entire week’s leave, or whether your every day is tightly packed. All earth is holy ground, and maybe within your office, your patient or that important exam, lies holiness, maybe therein is the washing of feet.

There is no sacred-secular divide; wherever you are, what will your journey be this Holy Week?


“Wherever you are, be all there” –Jim Elliot








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  1. Sarah Avatar

    Beautiful thoughts 🙂 Thank you for reminding me that His attitude to us does not change based on the hours we devote to Him- but that (if we are able) these hours are what change us/our attitude to Him/our hardened hearts. And if we aren’t able, He is there too.

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