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“I wonder what sort of tale we’ve fallen into”
Sam, The Fellowship of the Ring

Life happens at intersections
Fragments of the tangible material
Flashes and glimpses of the communal
Stitched into the mystery of the Ethereal
The true culmination of super and natural
We are more than dust and bones
We are spirit and power
We are the image of the Divine

We are the radically defiant
The obedient rebels
The relentless fighters
For the Beauty in each other and in our own heart
With God’s bannner of love over us
We stand arms raised high in victory
Eyes pointed to the sky

Refusing to bow to shame and rising strong in freedom
Crafting courage out of fear
Moving from woundedness to wholeness
Moulding redemption from failure
Saying ‘no’ to performance and ‘yes’ to authenticity
Weaving threads of vulnerability and truth from hiding and isolation
Pulling off the masks to let our stories swirl and unravel
A story worth telling
A story worth pursuing

We are persons in communion
Willing to struggle daily to show up and be seen
Cultivating connection with each other
Through a resilient and compassionate Spirit
Nurturing connection and a sense of belonging
When we let go of who we are supposed to be and embrace who we are

All of life is sacred;

To be fully alive is to live in awe of the exquisite oneness
To thrive in the wonder of existence

To reject the notion that writing about “God” is more “spiritual”
Than writing about romance, money, or any aspect of human life
Sacredness is found disguised within the mundane, pedestrian life
In our houses, at our dinner tables, in our dreams, prayers and fights
We live passionately, loudly and boldly, as free spirits
Loving who we are
Knowing we were spoken into existence by a skillful Poet
We love fearlessly, intentionally and fiercely, holding nothing back
Wearing our scars as a badge of glory and grace
Knowing that with this badge there is hope and healing for ourselves and others.

We are the ones who will dare greatly
Daring greatly to dive into our own wreckage and loneliness
Knowing each of us is more alike than we are unlike
So we seek forgiveness like gold
Recognizing that there is always a story and a wound behind every flaw
Striving to always understand rather than be understood
That we may see the unseen and forgive the unforgivable

We were made in and out of Love and love cannot love alone
We were made for each other
To fill the empty out of our Fullness
To find the lost, no matter how many times it’s been lost
Offering peace instead of division and faith instead of fear
Offering someone a place at our table
Instead of keeping them out because they’re different, messy or wrong

We offer someone a place at our table
No matter how hard, because brokenness makes us one
We mindfully practice hospitality of the heart
The art of inviting acceptance, grace, joy and gratitude
Into a safe, warm space where others can discover their value and worth
Creatively innovating ways to celebrate one another
Thoughtfully using kind, well-chosen words
As a lantern to brilliantly outshine the darkness

We are the pursuers of hope
Dancing as slaves set free, not as wounded warriors
We bless our past and reconcile all of our yesterdays
So we can live abundantly
In the tension of our today with all its frustrations and uncertainties
Reckoning with our emotions to live with integrity
Wrestling with our values to live courageously

We are chasers of the Light
Because the light is a catalyst for growth

And as we grow we become

Become fully alive
Become fully our true selves
Become fully in the image of the Author of our story

What tale have you fallen into?
Perhaps you will listen to our tale
and go on to tell your own…