Lenten Cookbook

Lent is upon us!

This cookbook takes all of the work out of coming up with healthy and nutritious things you can cook so that you can focus on what matters most during this time.

Each of the four weeks worth of recipes starts out with a weekly shopping list. These ingredients will be all you need to make four different meals for dinner that week.

Most, but not all, recipes are for two. In addition to the four weeks worth of dinner recipes there are also recipes for pastes, sauces, and salads. You can mix and match these as the pastes and sauces actually go well with the salads. You can get creative and even use them as a spread for sandwiches you make for yourself for a light breakfast or lunch.

In addition to all of the recipes, there are also several pages of tips and tricks taken from in the back of the cookbook.


A little disclaimer: watch out for the various way of saying the names of some of the ingredients. Even though it’s still the English language there are differences between Britain and the United States when referring to the same item. For example, what I would call rocket my husband would call arugula.

I’d love to hear your feedback and if you have any recipes yourself please share them!


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Hi my name is Veronia. I'm on some crazy adventure with my husband in South Korea. I love cheese and anything made from potatoes. I love tasting new flavours of food but also of life. Discovering new, unique and authentic ideas is one of my greatest passions. I'm a pilgrim in this life searching for abundance in every aspect of my life and the creative within me and around me. I am slowly becoming aware of how much we imprison ourselves on a daily basis, how we chain ourselves to people, places, feelings, expectations and dreams. In order to live out the abundant life that we are called for and to become alive, we must break free; break free from every negative habits that we have built, from cultural norms, from the mundane that stops us creating and makes us lose our wonder. To become fully alive is to be liberated from our festering wounds that paralyse us from living a life worth living. You and I are a work in progress; together, through hospitality and offering each other the free space we need for change we will unlock the mysteries of Life.


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