The Pride of Intolerance


in·tol·er·ant \-rənt\ ; not willing to allow or accept something

There is much talk of guns and hate, terror and injustice. Religious belief systems are in question, and humanities morality appears to be in severe decline.

We hate the guns, those behind the guns, and those who refuse to stop the guns. We hate the terror, the terrorists and the beliefs that drive them to acts of violence. We hate the violence and the violent, the injustice and the obstructers of peace. We hate the intolerance that leads to hate.

And amidst it all she tears into me as I hear her say, “it is this hate that makes some of us still hide.”

I remember every persecuted minority.

Humans were not made for this kind of hate; we were not made to hide.

I can’t help but think of all those who are more fearful, more hateful of themselves because of this. And I can’t help but wonder what possesses a human to unflinchingly rob someone of life for holding different beliefs. Maybe we don’t have guns pointed, but what difference does it make when in our own hearts we possess the same intolerance towards various people who are different to us?

There is no measure to intolerance – there is only willingness or unwillingness to allow or accept another person for their beliefs.

There are those who call it a higher power, God, Yahweh, Allah, Krishna, Selassie, mother nature, or science. There are the singers, the dancers, the poets and the drummers, who envision a different meaning to the word worship. There are the Sunni’s, the Shi’ite’s, the Sufi’s and the Baha’is. The evangelicals, Pentecostals, Baptists, Catholics, the Orthodox and all those who refuse to go by a name. There are the liberal and the fundamentalists. There is creation, and there is evolution. There are homosexuals, heterosexuals, transgender, bisexuals. There are those whose birth determined their hair, skin color and the shape of their eyes. And there are those who like guns, love guns, believe in the right to a gun, and there are those who have known the searing loss caused by a gun.

We live in a world of diversity, and diversity should neither threaten nor scare us. Diversity was never made to cause this kind of chaos.

But maybe amidst the chaos and the ache we can all fight for something. Maybe we can fight the intolerance in our own hearts and refuse to let the same darkness take hold of us. Maybe we can fight the pride of being offended when others don’t agree with us, and forsake the supremacy of our own thoughts. Because intolerance is pride. Intolerance is believing that our own beliefs make us greater than others. Intolerance is the unspoken disgust, disdain and disregard of another person because of what they believe or how they choose to live their life.

Maybe instead of pointing the gun we can reach out our hands to understand one another better.

Maybe instead of slashing others with the sword at the tip of our tongues we let kind words make a warm home between us.

It is time to consider what makes us pull the trigger.

It is time to disarm.

It is time to stop hating.

It is time to walk in love.


We all belong to each other. That is plenty, that is enough.


“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
– Mother Theresa


Photo courtesy of Maria Dryfhout

About me

They call me Makrina (Greek for “makarios”) meaning to be blessed/happy, and I definitely think I am both! I grew up amongst rolling hills and sheep, in a small town in Scotland, but I'm currently living in London. If I'm not around, you'll probably find me dancing on the red soil of Zambia, with a people who stole my heart, or on the other side of the Atlantic. I love to travel and meet new people (yes, I'm that girl who talks to you while you’re trying to sleep on a plane) I think humans are an incredibly beautiful work of art, like a piece of poetry waiting to be heard, learned from, cherished and loved. And like all art, there is a depth beneath the surface that I desire to see and know in every soul I meet. I am obsessed with words, the power of the spoken word, the written word and even the unspoken word. Writing helps me explore the chaos of my own thoughts; it forces me to be vulnerable, making me face the truth without running. So I write to give a voice to all that is within me, and I share my words with hope that others may find their own voice too. Sometimes it is the fear of what we may discover that cripples us from seeking to know the depth of our own heart, from finding our own voice. Because what if we discover darkness? Who will love that dark? And it is because of this fear that we hide our stories, not allowing ourselves to be known by others. But I met a love that boldly runs his gentle hands along the broken dark of my story, and calls me lovely still. It is this love that compels me to live fully: to relentlessly pursue the story of others so that in a world of fear and rejection, hearts may be known. For I believe that to be known is to be loved. Isaiah 61:1-3


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Reply June 14, 2016

So beautiful and convicting! Thank you so much for sharing. May He have mercy on us all, and continue to allow His hopeful light to shine through the darkness we pridefully create.

Reply September 23, 2016

Mak I'm in love with this message. Thank you so sharing this x

Ray william
Reply September 23, 2016

Thank you so much . Such a love filled message .
I do have something against the statement the we are to accept people for their own beliefs though .
I think we have to accept and love every single person as he/she was created by and through God on his own image ......but not for their beliefs .
There are many verses in the bible that stresses on how each one can be fooled and deceived by evil if he's not genuinely looking for the truth ....which ultimately is Christ.
I don't think there'd be any excuse for any of us , believers or unbelievers at the end of time as we've all fallen from his grace .
But it's only through genuine search for the truth that he is revealed to us ....then we believe and through our belief and faith in him along with our constant struggle and repentance that goes hand in hand with that faith ....We gain our salvation .....
We as Christians are not superior to anyone as human beings .
But through our union in Christian both in flesh and spirit we gain a new nature , just as it's mentioned in 2 corinthians . We are a new creation . Changed and reformed .
In John 15:19 it's also mentioned that we are not of this world . We are of Christ now and because of that we are superior to the whole world . Not because of our deeds but because of our union with him and his grace supporting us .
Intolerance is a spiritual killer I believe . But acceptance of everyone and every action is not a christian virtue either . As most of the world is following evil beliefs we should not be accepting of .
So in a nutshell I think the right term should be to tolerate but not to accept .
And remember tolerance is bearing all things is one of the features of real Christian love .
But acceptance is something else entirely

    Reply September 24, 2016

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and sharing with us Ray!

    I believe acceptance of another person is not the same as acceptance of their belief. Being accepted as a person is an integral part of being loved. The art of love is to know how to accept another without need of accepting their belief as my own.

    Ultimately, these words were compelled by the truth that loving and accepting others is not dependent on whether or not I agree with their belief.

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