Proud To Call You Brother I

It hovers over our Christian female communities and plagues us with the implications it poses on our lives. An almost-obsession and an ever increasing topic of discussion, is this very statement:

“There’s a lack of godly men in this world.” The hiss that consumes the minds of women proceeds from the very mouth of the deceiver, proceeding forth with no edifying purpose and with no eternal benefit; only present to shatter the hope in man.

I hear this most often spoken by young women – young single women. Because young single women are looking for potential husbands. Young single women look at men with such high judgment and so when all fall short of their standards, men are branded and this statement becomes doctrine ingrained in minds; not enough godly men. Yet this mentality breeds discontentment, and discontentment only blinds eyes, rendering us incapable of seeing the truth.

The truth that many men are walking the path of godliness.

The truth that women are harsh critics with their precisely thought out, legalistic husband-list. And if this list became a test for all married men, all would fail. Because we women have unrealistic expectations. We women expect our future spouse to be perfect, as if God, so we scrutinize the planks in their eyes like we don’t have our own.

The truth that men are fighting, that men are striving against the war so fierce within their souls, and men are determined and courageously laboring to be godly men. Who are we to judge a fight we cannot comprehend? Who are we to shame and blame because, supposedly, all they have to do is look away? Who are we to throw our stones and silently sigh ‘man up’?

The truth that this statement is a blow in the face of every man walking on the path of godliness. Because godliness is not a state we will one day achieve, but rather a way of life we must all walk towards. No godly men implies plenty godly women, but no woman is God, we all fall short. And no man should be expected to be God.

To every man fighting the good fight and running this holy race, I am proud to call you brother. Though you may fall, its your running that counts. Forgive us for ever implying that you aren’t good enough. My heart rejoices and finds encouragement as I see you walk this godly path. Thank you for never discouraging our efforts, thank you for the patience and grace you treat us women with. We are eternally grateful.



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About me

They call me Makrina (Greek for “makarios”) meaning to be blessed/happy, and I definitely think I am both! I grew up amongst rolling hills and sheep, in a small town in Scotland, but I'm currently living in London. If I'm not around, you'll probably find me dancing on the red soil of Zambia, with a people who stole my heart, or on the other side of the Atlantic. I love to travel and meet new people (yes, I'm that girl who talks to you while you’re trying to sleep on a plane) I think humans are an incredibly beautiful work of art, like a piece of poetry waiting to be heard, learned from, cherished and loved. And like all art, there is a depth beneath the surface that I desire to see and know in every soul I meet. I am obsessed with words, the power of the spoken word, the written word and even the unspoken word. Writing helps me explore the chaos of my own thoughts; it forces me to be vulnerable, making me face the truth without running. So I write to give a voice to all that is within me, and I share my words with hope that others may find their own voice too. Sometimes it is the fear of what we may discover that cripples us from seeking to know the depth of our own heart, from finding our own voice. Because what if we discover darkness? Who will love that dark? And it is because of this fear that we hide our stories, not allowing ourselves to be known by others. But I met a love that boldly runs his gentle hands along the broken dark of my story, and calls me lovely still. It is this love that compels me to live fully: to relentlessly pursue the story of others so that in a world of fear and rejection, hearts may be known. For I believe that to be known is to be loved. Isaiah 61:1-3


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