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  • Why Are Most Of Your Friends Girls?

    Why Are Most Of Your Friends Girls?

    A question I was persistently asked, particularly in my teens, was why the majority of my friends were female. A friend of mine once said that he could never understand how that worked, and how I hadn’t dated any of them. I’ll be targeting the former part of their query in this post. The question […]

  • Living; A Lost Art

    Living; A Lost Art

    We live in a very hostile world today. We all are passing each other, our pockets fully equipped with armor and weapons ready to declare war against one another. Our loneliness has caused us to be so needy and as a result we have become overly sensitive to any hints of someone trying to attack […]

  • A New Season Has Begun

    A New Season Has Begun

    And the cutting winds that blew violently, hushed. The roaring waves that crashed ferociously, silenced. The devastated earth that was shaken, became still. One season had come to an end… Let me tell you a simple tale of a man who endured unparalleled pain, and prevailed. Listen, as I share with you the story of […]

  • The Pride of Intolerance

    The Pride of Intolerance

    Intolerance in·tol·er·ant \-rənt\ ; not willing to allow or accept something

  • Who Is My Enemy?

    Who Is My Enemy?

    I believe in a common humanity. Practically, that means that we are not individuals, but persons who are in relationship with each other. Most importantly, it means that there is a common thread that is stitched through the bone and sinew of us all; a knot anywhere, affects us all. As Martin Luther King once said,

  • Creativity: An Expression Of Freedom

    Creativity: An Expression Of Freedom

    “Every Christian must be part artist. We craft lives of meaning through faith. And this means reaching out to engage those who differ while never losing appreciation for what sets us apart.” -Father Andrew of Athos

  • The Anatomy of Living

    The Anatomy of Living

    Life happens at intersections. Fragments of the tangible material, gently held in the beauty of the communal, stitched into the mystery of the Ethereal. This is the anatomy of living; the inner workings of who we are.

  • The Collision Of Souls

    The Collision Of Souls

    To our dear friends, you are the best parts of us. The “Lord is between you and me forever.” Samuel 20:23 The day you came beside me to sleep on the floor was Tuesday, July 21st. That was the day my summer burst at the seams. You let me in on the secret of friendship;

  • Kiss and Tell

    Kiss and Tell

    I kissed a boy and I liked it.

  • I Longed For A Family

    I Longed For A Family

    This is an anonymous guest post that will touch many of you, I’m sure. It’s an incredible testimony and a wonderful reminder to give God full control in every aspect of our lives.